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War for Talents

How can you still find and hire talent in an overfished job market? There is only one answer: Speak the same language as your target group!

Effectively reducing cost drivers

80 % of the talents who look at a job ad leave it again. Consequence: no applications and a high cost-of-vacancy. Solution: Recruiting based on the needs of the candidates.

Principles from the online world

Find out how you can use the success principles from e-commerce and online marketing for your recruiting and thus enjoy a significantly higher applicant quality in the download.

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softgarden is one of the leading European HR-Tech solutions for innovative recruiting. According to the Fosway 9-GridTM Recruiting Report 2022 and 2023, softgarden is one of the core leaders among European providers of talent acquisition suites. Employers of all industries and sizes attract the best candidates with the help of the cloud-based Talent Acquisition Suite.